Bathroom renovation in Vancouver? See what to consider before starting

Bathrooms are rooms where well-being and relaxation should reign. So if your bathroom isn’t reflecting these basic assumptions and only gives you headaches, a bathroom renovation is a worthwhile investment! In fact, there’s nothing like a well-decorated space that reflects your personality, with new, practical and functional accessories for peace to be established.

But to achieve the dream result in bathroom renovation, it is necessary to prepare your entire project beforehand, asking the right questions and avoiding common mistakes.

Therefore, before making any decision, it is necessary to plan well. That is, keep in mind what you would like to do, what your expectations are, and what the extent of the reform will be. Your goal is to completely redo the room? Or just change the floorings and walls, for example?

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about here today. Read on to check out several tips to make your bathroom makeover a success.

Bathroom renovation – checklist

Before embarking on this project, you will need to define your needs and budget. So start by answering these questions:

* What bothers you the most?

* What would be the priorities for change?

* What are the needs of people who use this bathroom/toilet?

* What is the size of the room?

* What is your expectation regarding the work? Do you want to change simpler things or make changes in the flooring, sink and toilet?

* How much can you spend?

* Which professionals will help you in this project?

This last item is very important, especially in more extensive renovations. Having the help of a specialized team is essential to avoid making mistakes that can cost more in the future, such as damaging pipes, for example, or finishing that was not as desired. If you are planning a renovation of your bathroom in Vancouver, please talk to us and we can help you with whatever you need.

Stages of a renovation

Once all your planning has been done and the professionals chosen, it’s time to get started. Before starting the bathroom renovation, it is essential that you empty the room and do a good cleaning. Remove as much furniture and accessories as possible and clean all surfaces.

In an empty environment, it is possible to work more comfortably and better visualize what the final result will be. In addition, degreasing and sanding the surfaces on which new coatings will be applied will ensure better adherence and aesthetics to your bathroom.

After that, the reform stage itself begins. In general, many renovations start with the replacement of coverings and floors. Prioritize those that are practical and simple to apply and clean up later. If you don’t want to change everything, there are already options for paints and even wallpaper suitable for humid environments.

With all this part ready, it’s time to think about new showers, mirrors, sink, tub and toilet. A professional can be of great help at this stage of the bathroom renovation, since a simple mistake can damage plumbing installations.

And finally, it’s time to think about furniture and accessories. Choose cabinets and bathroom cabinets proportional to the size of the space, seeking the harmony of the room. Also think about storage. If you have a lot of products, choose a drawer unit that you can store, as well as built-in niches, boxes and organizer baskets. Finish with plants, candles, carpet… The options are endless, be free to decorate your bathroom and turn it into a welcoming place!
And of course, if you need help with your bathroom renovation, ask for a free quote and we can help you with the work.

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