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Exterior Painting: Choosing the color and tips for a perfect job

Have you ever noticed how the colors used to paint the outdoor area influence the design, finish and even the cozy feeling of a home? …

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Vancouver Interior Painting Step by Step: What To Do When You Decide To Change

If you want to change the decoration of any room in your home but without undergoing a major renovation, painting the walls (or one of …

Vancouver Renovations

Home Renovation in Vancouver: How to Plan your Renovation Without Going Crazy

Renovating the house takes time, budget and a lot of patience with all the necessary requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to plan everything in advance …


Professional Painting in Vancouver: 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Painter

Have you ever had the great idea of ​​painting the walls of your house on your own and ended up living a nightmare among paints …

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Painting By VanCan Contracting Vancouver Painters

Colors: how to choose the best palettes to enhance environments A well-chosen color palette is essential to set the tone for a room or a …

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