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Building a Terrace: Vancouver Renovations with VanCan Contracting

Terrace: a major trend in architectural projects

After the outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, people began to value outdoor spaces in homes more, given that it is necessary to spend a lot of time at home. This is one of the factors that have strengthened the trend to use the terrace in architectural projects.

After all, this environment is ideal for sunbathing (when the weather allows it!), rest, read a good book, get together with friends to talk or practice physical exercises. If you are thinking about how to install a terrace in your house, follow the article below.

What is a terrace?

The terrace can be defined as a raised, open and flat outdoor area. It is the structure that is at the top of a building, which can be a house or the rooftop of a building. Depending on where it is located, the view can be spectacular.

If you are thinking of taking this project off the ground, remember that it is necessary to count on the help of professionals, since cities usually have urban planning laws to regulate the height of buildings and what is allowed to be placed in a terrace. To make the best choices regarding home renovations, painting and flooring in Vancouver, please talk to VanCanContracting, who can guide you in that direction.

Advantages of the terrace for residential projects

Having a terrace at home provides several advantages for residents. See some of the main ones.

  • Space to plant

Those who like to grow flowers and foliage or even have a vegetable garden to plant spices, fruits and vegetables can take advantage of the terrace for this purpose. This is an excellent way to be close to nature, even if you live in a large urban center, for example.

  • Privileged view

The terrace is at high points of the building. For this reason, it usually provides a privileged view, especially in cities where the urban landscape is pleasant.

The view is also beautiful in coastal cities or those with great rivers and natural landscapes, since it is possible to contemplate the beauty of the region.

  • Leisure activities

You can use the terrace to perform various leisure activities, such as getting together to chat with friends, relaxing outdoors, having barbecues and other family celebrations, such as birthday parties.

Main care of a Terrace

If you’ve done all the research necessary to install your terrace, now it’s time to think about the practical part of the project. So think carefully about the following items:

  • Furniture

When choosing terrace furniture, it is essential to choose materials that have a lot of resistance. Plastic, acrylic, aluminum and synthetic fibers are the most suitable. If you use umbrellas, curtains, rugs or any fabric product in place, ideally waterproof materials should be chosen.

Remember that, because it is totally or partially open, the terrace is a space that is vulnerable to climatic variations, such as rain and winds. Therefore, durability is necessary.

  • Floor

The floor needs to be safe and practical to clean. Natural stones and wood are often used, but these options are more difficult to maintain. In addition, they can stain or spoil easily.

  • Roof

Full or partial coverage is optional on the terraces. The best way to choose is to analyze the solar position and the climatic characteristics of the region. It is recommended to have a space place where you can be sheltered from the sun in the summer and mitigates the action of cold winds in regions where the winter is more severe. In fact, solariums can be built there.

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