Electrical renovation: 8 signs that the time has come!

Electrical installation is planned when designing a house or building. It is quite common that the people who live in the place have not participated in the construction process, and therefore have no idea of ​​the current situation of the project’s electrical system. What often prevents us from being more careful is the fact that the electrical installation is “hidden” in the walls or ceilings. But to not pay enough attention to this could cause a much-needed electrical renovation to be postponed.

Even if everything is apparently working, a bad installation or the lack of an electrical reform can harm both the electricity bill and the safety of residents. And these are everyday signs that reveal the need – and the urgency – of an electrical reform. In this post, we will cover precisely the details that are easier to be identified.

8 signs calling for an electrical renovation

– Peeled wires

If you find wires or cables that are in poor condition, i.e. they are stripped, dented or in a state of corrosion, it is a sign that they need to be replaced urgently. Remember that they are the ones who will safely conduct electricity. The size and thickness depend on the power of the electrical current of the equipment. That’s why it’s important that they are of quality and suitable for the devices you have, avoiding possible shorts.

– Elevated temperature

When you notice that wires, sockets and switches become very hot, it is recommended that you hire a professional to identify the problem and make changes to these electrical materials.

– Socket connections and circuit breakers

If you are making a lot of plug connections and circuit breakers or minor installation adjustments more often, it is safer and more appropriate to have an electrical rebuild. Also remember never to plug a wire directly into the socket, and be careful with the use of unsafe multi-plug adapters so as not to overload the electrical installation – ideally only one device per socket.

– Circuits tripping frequently

If circuit breakers trip frequently or fuses blow is a sign that the installation is overloaded. Short circuits and sudden drops in the electrical switch must also be carefully observed. Again, it is best to ask for the help of a professional.

– Sockets and circuit breakers very close to sinks and faucets

Sockets and circuit breakers near places with water or other liquids are not very safe. If electronic devices come into contact with water, it can result in an electrical failure and even electric shocks. If you can’t increase this distance, double your attention. In case it comes into contact with water, first unplug the appliance and then recover it.

– Shocks

If you’re getting shocks from the shower valve or the refrigerator door, for example, it’s an important sign that the electrical installation is in trouble, as well as being very dangerous for the person who got the shock, depending on the intensity of the electrical discharge. To protect yourself, it is still recommended that you stay away from wires that are not covered.

– Burnt smell

When you smell burning or notice signs of smoke and melted cables, look for a professional as soon as possible. Prevent something more serious from happening, such as a fire.

– Oscillation in electrical energy

The power outage may not be the fault of your electrical installation, but if it happens frequently, it’s worth investigating. Sudden power cuts or surges can damage electronic devices.

Stay tuned!

Older installations are more likely to cause problems because they were not designed to power today’s electrical appliances, which need much more energy. Therefore, old buildings are easier environments to be overloaded. Imagine: you increase energy consumption, but the electrical installation that was designed to support few devices remains the same. The account does not match!

Therefore, regardless of the time the construction was carried out, the most recommended is to review the electrical installation every 5 years, through an inspection and preventive maintenance. Also avoid making minor repairs and letting them pile up. This can hamper the reform process. You may even end up spending more than necessary if you do safe, routine maintenance, and not just when problems arise.

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