Exterior Painting: Choosing the color and tips for a perfect job

Have you ever noticed how the colors used to paint the outdoor area influence the design, finish and even the cozy feeling of a home? Yeah, that’s why choosing the ideal tone for the façade of your house requires a certain amount of care not to harm the harmony of the building.

How to choose the best colors for the outdoor area of ​​the house?

First of all, check if there are any rules regarding the colors of the facades in your region or condominium. After that, with the help of a good interior designer or an architect — in addition to a professional painter to put the techniques into practice —, you can combine any paint on the facade of your home and still make it look very charming.

However, as this step depends essentially on your personal taste, it is necessary to stick to a few points in order to reach a color and tone that suits what you want to see in the final result. Below you can find out what these points are and what they can influence:

Consider your style

Do you want your home to have a more traditional feel or do you want the first impression for everyone who sees it to be one of modernity and originality? Classic outdoor paint colors such as light brown, white, beige and off-white are typically used to maintain the classic look, while darker shades and soft, vibrant color combinations help to innovate residential aesthetics.

Of course, at this point the main influence is your personal taste. After all, the objective here is to align the current trends with your own references and thus make your home design and the color decision to paint outdoor areas something harmonious and with the family style.

Color message

Earthy tones are excellent color recommendations for painting outdoor areas, as despite having a thicker tone, they manage to maintain a discreet, smooth and modern look. In addition, this type of color perfectly matches all home designs, from traditional to bold.

On the other hand, if you want your home to convey a feeling of joy, liveliness and enthusiasm, don’t be afraid to choose colors to paint the outdoor area that are beyond the obvious, such as yellow, orange and even bright red. Another idea for those who want to use colors to paint an outdoor area that are far from the cliché, but still want to keep a more neutral and peaceful style to the environment, is to bet on pastel tones, more specifically on blue and green.

In this case, just remember that the essential thing is to get the color and tone right, ok? The cool colors and clean tones convey the feeling of calm, tranquility and tend to make the environments more “quiet”, while the warm colors convey a feeling of energy and liveliness.

And how to make the exterior paint last longer?

After deciding on the project and colors to paint the exterior area of ​​the house, your wish is that the façade remains preserved as new for a long time, right?

If the answer is yes, so that you can enjoy the best results of a good painting and make it last much longer, we have three golden tips that will help you in this task before you even paint the walls:

Choose the right product

PVA paints are not the most suitable for facades. This is because this type of paint tends to fade when in contact with the sun and frequent humidity. Among the good options for external walls are acrylic paint, enamel paint, oil paint and epoxy paint.

The colors to paint outdoor areas can be matte or glossy, this question only depends on your personal taste, the design and the availability of the version in the paint brand you have chosen for the location.

Prepare the walls correctly

It is important that the walls to be painted are finished correctly and ‘cleaned’ — as well as sanded, if applicable — before painting.

Also prepare the region around the walls, such as the floor, ceiling, doors and windows, which must be protected. After all, the colors for painting the outdoor area should only fill the region described in the project and not spill over the rest of the house.

Count on a Good Professional Vancouver Painter

And if you want a good result, it’s not enough just to be committed to deciding the colors to paint the outdoor area, you also need a great professional to do the job just the way you planned. After all, only a good professional painter will be able to apply paint correctly, following the idealization of the project and providing a first-rate result.
And if your idea is to have a guaranteed professional result in the Vancouver region, VanCan Contracting’s qualified workforce is the best choice. As a leader in assistance services, we are ready to help you with the exterior painting of your home or business. To request a free quote, please contact us.

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