How a Professional House Painter in Vancouver Can Help For House Renovations

An Introduction of house painting

Have you thought about doing the painting on your own when renovating a house? Do you know how to calculate and estimate the costs and labour hours? Do you know what you should take care or be aware of? There are different factors you should consider before putting your hands on. Professional house painters would be really helpful under some of these circumstances; several factors listed below:

  1. Different work areas , different ways to paint.

The size of areas to be painted could be the most important factor when it comes to house painting. Calculate the square footage of the areas you consider to be done. The area painted per gallon of paint is almost the same for most of the paint brands, you could estimate the material and labour hours it takes. If your house is three stories high or even a townhouse, you’d better look for a painting professional to do it; after all it won’t be the same to paint a house compared to painting a bedroom. When it gets too complicated or consumes too much time, you may choose to make it the house painter’s job.

  • What is the condition of the work areas?

If you bought a new house with smooth wall surfaces, painting the house on your own won’t be hard work, but what if the walls are peeling or there’s even mold on walls? Examine the condition completely before you decide whether to work on your own or hire Vancouver painters, if it was out of control, you’ll be spending lots of time trying to solve  the problem. You don’t want to procrastinate something you want to be done quickly. You’ll find it more efficient to leave the rest dirty work to the professional team , and they will guarantee to get them fixed, maybe even have a asbestos test done to make sure everything is ready for the painting.

  • Exterior is another story

Painting the interior of rooms might not be a big problem, but when it comes to exterior, it could be way more complicated. There are some places you couldn’t find a safe way to reach. Also, you should consider the weather and some situations that might occur when it comes to a house you are going to live in. Some products are weather proof while others aren’t so much, so if you have no idea about these, this is when the painters take over.

  • Bathroom or kitchen, what kind of paint should I apply?

To make sure there’s no mold on the bathroom walls, you might want to apply to waterproof paint. What kind of waterproof paint? That is the knowledge you will need when you tend to DIY painting. What about the kitchen? Will smoke stains be a problem? These questions will be handled by professional house painters comprehensively.

The factors mentioned above are simple but important points for you to make your wise decision, after all, no matter you choose to DIY house painting or to hire professional painters, all we want is the job done nicely!

Vancouver Professional Painters are Here for…

After all, what is the advantage of hiring a professional painter? We can see they are able to solve your problems as mentioned above, but what exactly do they do to help you with your house painting? Let’s talk about a few benefits they could offer:

Provide painting estimate/references

You don’t know how long it will take and what kind of products to use to paint the areas you need and how much they cost you. Professionals provide the costs of labour, paint products, materials, and of course the estimated schedule of the project. You will get all the information you need to ensure in the end the result is exactly what you want. Tips: ask the painter about possible extra charges if something might affect the workload, for example, some tests might need to be done before the preparation of painting; or whether pressure washing and caulking are included; or any other questions that clarifies any part of the painting project for you.

Insurance guarantee your house painting is done safely

The painters are licensed under state law so they don’t take any risk of endangering house safety. You could reassure if the company is properly insured, so that any damage costs they caused will be taken care by themselves.

Scheduled, high-efficiency work

How much time it takes to paint an interior wall or an exterior wall will be totally different. Professionals schedule the time for equipment preparation, materials purchase, set ups, and the final cleaning. Not to mention they are the pro in this area, no doubt they will get the job done with high efficiency.

High quality makes the details perfect

The devil is hidden in the details. Imagine you have your house renovation designed perfectly. Elegant decoration, furniture with good taste, gorgeous chandelier; but the edge of the paint is not aligned with edge of the wall. That makes all the difference. Vancouver painters are hired to finish the job with their high quality. You won’t hesitate if perfection is what you want.

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