Kitchen renovation: how to plan one step by step (and stay sane!)

To eat, chat, get together with family and friends, the fact is: the kitchen is one of the most used spaces at home. Therefore, doing a makeover from time to time guarantees renovation in the aesthetics, comfort and safety, since this is a room that brings together many electrical appliances.

You already know how not to suffer even with unforeseen problems in the kitchen renovation, and where to start? Find out here in this post how to plan yours in a few steps!

Make a list of materials for your kitchen makeover

What do you plan to do in your kitchen? Change the floor, furniture, do a new paint job, or do maintenance on the electrical part?

In view of your goals, make a preliminary list of materials you will need to make the much-desired renovation. Therefore, you’ll avoid buying too many or too few items, with a minimal scope of what you want to do in the space.

Order custom furniture

In general, planned furniture is the best option for kitchens, as it is possible to optimize space as much as possible with them.

Wait to buy new appliances

Take it easy before buying new equipment, such as a washing machine, microwave, refrigerator and stove. These appliances cannot simply be modified to fit your new kitchen. Therefore, they should be the last ones to be purchased. 

The tip is: at the end of the renovation, write down all the measurements in which each equipment will be, to buy the items that suit your taste and in the right standards.

Reuse parts of the kitchen

Have you ever thought that you can save a lot on your kitchen renovation, knowing how to reuse some items and equipment you already have in the room? You can renovate your kitchen cabinet, as well as take advantage of floors and other items that can be painted and customized to your liking.

This way, in addition to saving, you will also add more personal value to your space, which will bring a lot of coziness at home. You can still try to bring other furniture from other spaces in the house to the kitchen, for example. Have you ever thought about using a living room cupboard in your new kitchen? It can fit and look cool.

Ask for quotes

Quotes are an essential part of a kitchen makeover on a shoestring. In them, you will have a panoramic view of which suppliers you can buy from, payment terms, as well as, of course, the types, qualities and differentials of each material.

You don’t need to go out budgeting at every store and home center you can find in the city and on the web. Choose the places you think best within your goals. Often, no matter how small a variation in price and material, each location has its differentials.

It’s up to you to put on the balance what pays the most. Always remember to adopt the rule of balancing items cost-effectively, to save and take great items.

Have a detailed project

Having a project on hand is all you need to avoid a number of typical kitchen makeover mistakes. Also, the project facilitates your visualization and understanding of how the finished kitchen will look, even before it leaves the paper. So invest in this step.

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