Paint Types: Understand the difference between matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss finishings

When starting the important task of decorating, painting and renovating your home, office or property, it is important to understand the difference between paint finishes. Choosing the most coherent one, according to your needs and preferences, will help transform the appearance of your walls, without frustrating your expectations. Let’s see below the characteristics of each of them:

Matte finish paint

The matte finish paint gives a velvety, refined and elegant appearance to a room. In addition, this finish has another advantage over other types of paint: it simply camouflages defects, it does not allow imperfections on the walls to become clear. As it is a type of paint whose composition has less resin, it also reflects less light.

On the other hand, walls painted with matte finish paints are more difficult to keep clean – depending on the case, the surface may need to be repainted. That is, they get dirty and stain more easily, especially when bumping into furniture, for example. If you want to avoid this, especially in high-traffic environments, it’s best to opt for brighter finishes.

Semi-gloss finishing paint

Semi-gloss finish paint, as its name implies, is glossier than matte paints, but still not as bright as a high-gloss one. In other words, it’s an intermediate finish – it’s more discreet than high-gloss paint, but it can still be used to highlight a wall or some detail.

This type of paint already shows surface defects a little more. If you’re going to use this finish indoors, it’s a good idea to make sure the wall has been well sanded and is smooth before applying.

High-gloss finish paint

It reflects more light, that is, it can be a good option to highlight a single wall in an indoor environment, for example. Or to do some kind of different finishing or even illustration painting. In general, it is mostly used outdoors – it is not usually used on all internal walls precisely because the glossy finish can be tiring on the eyes.

Walls painted with this type of paint are also easier to clean and more resistant to problems such as mildew, for example – many of them are more waterproof than semi-gloss or completely matte paints. On the negative side, it can highlight small defects if applied to walls that are not 100% smooth.

Painting professionals in Vancouver

If you want a good result, you also need a great professional to do the job as planned. After all, only a good professional painter will be able to apply the type of paint correctly, following the idealization of the project and providing a first-rate result. In addition to the paint finish, you also need to know which type to choose – acrylic, water-based, oil-based… There are many possibilities and a professional can help you in this task.

And if your idea is to have a guaranteed professional result in the Vancouver region, VanCan Contracting’s qualified workforce is the best choice. As a leader in assistance services, we are ready to help you with the exterior painting of your home or business. To request a free quote, please contact us.

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