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Colors: how to choose the best palettes to enhance environments

A well-chosen color palette is essential to set the tone for a room or a home. The colors can make people feel more relaxed in a room designed for rest, such as the bedroom and living room, or more motivated in work spaces. How, then, to choose the most appropriate tones and shades for each environment? Keep reading this article to find out.

Color Psychology

German researcher and color specialist Eva Heller explains about the relationship between colors and our feelings and shows how the two things don’t combine by chance. According to the psychology of colors, shades cause sensations to be visualized, not for the sake of personal taste, but for universal experiences deeply rooted in our language and in our thinking.

See some examples of colors and their respective meanings:

  • purple: spirituality, eroticism, transformation and wisdom;
  • red: passion, anger, speed, strength and power;
  • yellow: wisdom, joy, optimism and happiness;
  • green: calm, self-awareness and perseverance;
  • pink: innocence, love, charm and romanticism;
  • black: luxury, elegance, sophistication and power;
  • white: peace, security, purity and cleanliness;
  • blue: tranquility, faith, calm and confidence;
  • orange: energy, humor and enthusiasm.

Chromatic circle

A simple way to combine different shades is to use a chromatic circle. To decorate a project, therefore, a good idea is to choose a color to be the main one and then observe in the chromatic circle which are the shades that best match it.

One of the ways to do this is by using complementary colors, which are shades that are on opposite sides of each other in the color circle. Therefore, red matches green, for example.

Another widely used scheme is that of analogous colors. In this case, they can be combined between two and five colors that are adjacent to each other, giving an impression of calm and friendliness. In this way, a combination of orange, yellow and green can be made, for example.

Follow a style

Colors can also be chosen according to the decorative style of the project. In such a way, the characteristics of each one must be analyzed, so that the shades follow a pattern. In the Scandinavian style, light tones are used, such as white and offwhite, in contrast to tones of nature, such as green and brown. In industrial style, black and gray dominate. A more pop style tends to use more pastel shades, like pink and light blue.

Evaluate the lighting

The assembly of the color palette that will compose a room or a project can also be done according to the lighting of the place. In spaces where there is little light input, making them quite dark, it is best to decorate with lighter shades, such as white and other light colors. That’s because the light colors reflect the external light and make the spaces brighter without having to install many lamps, for example.

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