Painting trends for 2022: colors of the year and how to Include them in your house

Every year, big trend research companies choose their colors of the year. And even though we still have a few months to go in 2021, some of them are already presenting their suggestions for shades that will be trending for 2022. These suggestions dictate a lot of what is launched in fashion and decoration – and can, of course, inspire you to make that much-desired change at home.

So, if you are looking for inspiration and painting trends for 2022 and thus change a room in your home, keep an eye out for the trends presented in this article.

Painting Trends for 2022

The English company WGSN, known as one of the giants in consumer and design trends, has already chosen its colours that are a bet for next year. And the main one is the Orchid Flower, a vibrant, intense pink that goes towards fuchsia. According to WGSN, the tone was chosen because it is energizing, versatile and very connected to the positivity that the world needs at the moment.

Besides it, two other colors were also pointed out as key tones for next year. They are Atlantic Blue, a deep blue, and Mango Sorbet, a bright orange, with a mango tone. 

Vibrant tones in the painting

By the chosen tones, we can already know that the vibrant colors will be a hit for decoration and fashion in the coming months. How, then, can you include them in your house painting in a harmonious way? Check out the tips below.

– Mix them well with more neutral tones such as white and beige. Painting a wall only with a more vibrant tone and picking up furniture in more classic colors is easy and cool.

– Vibrant shades are perfect for larger spaces, as they provide the feeling of welcome, but that doesn’t stop you from choosing a vibrant color for a small space (such as a toilet, for example, which can be super unusual and out of the ordinary) .

– If the mixture of colors still makes you afraid, a good option is to choose the ton sur ton. You can create monochromatic rooms by combining the color of the surfaces with the furniture, so that the same hue appears in an innovative way in various parts of the house.

But remember: if you’re looking to change the color of your home’s walls, it’s very important to get professional help. This way, you avoid unpleasant surprises – a professional painter can help you choose the best paints and finishes and can also help you with possible obstacles (such as walls that need to be sanded or even leaks).
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