Painting Trends: How to change your home with these simple techniques

If you are looking to change the atmosphere of your home without spending too much, paints are your best allies. The variations – and trends – are diverse: bicolor walls, colored ceiling, geometric designs, organic shapes, burnt cement effect and even blackboard wall for messages and personal organizations. Check out some tips below to find the style that suits your home.

Painting trends: burnt cement

You’ve probably heard of this effect thanks to the wave of industrial decor that swept Pinterest’s boards a few years ago. And the style continues to be used – a lot!

And the best part: it is possible to make a burnt cement wall using only paint – yes, there are options on the market to guarantee the effect. For application, the wall must be very smooth and sealed. The burnt cement paint can be handled with a stainless steel trowel, the application of the first coat is made like the application of spackle.

For those who want an even more marked effect, the third coat must be made in the same format as the second. Burnt cement can be applied to an entire wall or mixed with other decorative paint formats, such as a two-tone wall, using a darker shade of gray for ton sur ton or even another color, such as pink.

Geometric shapes

Not into burnt cement? There are other ways to make the house colorful. In addition to choosing a single wall (or even the ceiling) to apply a color to, you can use geometric shapes to your advantage.

Painting squares, rectangles and whatever else your imagination allows is a great way to delimit spaces in integrated rooms – a home office space inside the living room, for example – or sharpen the creativity of the residents, using a colored background to support organic designs over it. The same goes for half-wall painting.

Blackboard wall

A blackboard wall is another great idea – you can write down lists and appointments, draw, write quotes… If you have children at home, success is guaranteed. Today there are also paints suitable for receiving chalk drawings. And the cool thing is there are also shades besides the classic dark green.

Painting in Vancouver

In conclusion, as much as painting may seem like a simple job to perform, remember that there are many factors besides spreading the paint on the wall. It is often necessary to sand and prepare the wall to be painted, in addition to choosing the appropriate paint for your purpose, of course. That’s why it’s so important to have the help of professionals in this task.
If you would like to do some kind of painting on your home in the Vancouver area, please let us know. We can help you with the choice of materials and with the qualified professionals to carry out the work.

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