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Thinking in a vancouver bathroom renovation? Does your bathroom need a bit of maintenance or work to be done? There are many important factors you need to consider beforehand .

Is your bathroom needing a freshen up? Is it lacking style and functionality? You should consider a renovation.

Let VanCan Contracting guide you to what probably is the best option for your Vancouver bathroom renovation. Contact us to make sure you get the assistance you need.

Bathrooms might be the smallest rooms in your home, but they are an essential part of it. Therefore you have to make the right decision that reaches your needs within your budget.

A bathroom remodel takes approximately from 10 to 20 days to be completed. Depending on the difficulty grade of such.

There are a few things to consider; the demolition process, plumbing and electrical work, element placement changes, and more. This means no access to your bathroom for up to a whole two weeks! However, bathroom renovation contractors can provide a quick solution. 

Patience is an essential factor during a full bathroom renovation, as there are always unexpected situations that need to be handled and most of the time in a state of priority. As a matter of fact may affect the project schedule, therefore it’s termination date will be delayed. Whether it is a few minutes small fixture it also could be a few days of procrastination  . 

Here are some options of Vancouver bathroom renovation designs and materials that will help you to get a better idea:

Modern Bathroom Design

Futuristic but simple at the same time. Highlighting a minimalistic and clean touch. Details keep the focus on the architecture and essential features.


  • Floating vanity
  • Glass shower enclosure
  • Freestanding bathtub
  • Minimalist faucets
  • Streamlined lighting

Color advisory: The focus of this style is on the architecture, which means the color should be crisp, clean white, subtle neutrals and black.

Traditional Bathroom Design

From time to time Traditional bathrooms are considered comfortable and refined, with sophisticated high-end materials. Unlike minimalist modern bathrooms ,they highlight decorative details and classic elegance.


  • Furniture-style vanity
  • Elegant stone counters, floors or wall treatments 
  • Antique-style lighting
  • Classic bathtub such as a claw-foot or pedestal style
  • Dressing table

Color advisory: soft and relaxing colors are recommended.

Dim neutrals and pale shades of blue and green will work fine, maybe deeper shades of blue, brown, gray are also great.

Rustic Bathroom Design

This style brings the feeling of the natural beauty from the outdoors, mixing materials such as natural wood to keep the warmth, coziness to create a welcoming space. 


  • Wood or wood-look for vanity
  • Sinks made from stone or copper
  • Natural stone counters and floors 
  • Copper bathtub, Japanese-style soaking tub or classic claw-foot
  • Hardware in weathered finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, antiqued brass.

Color advisory: a variety of stains or tones of natural materials such as stone and wood with paint colors and accents in similar shades, for a rich, cozy look.

Industrial Bathroom Design

Inspired by factories and warehouses, minimalistic and simple, spaces with raw materials and tough textures or finishes. Favoring practical, heavy duty or long lasting, industrial bathrooms find beauty in the way things work rather than sophistication.

Key features of industrial-style bathrooms:

  • Glass-and-steel shower enclosure
  • Raw materials such as concrete, stainless steel and brick 
  • Trough and basin sinks
  • White subway tile
  • Exposed pipes and gear-like hardware and faucets

Color advisory: The raw materials with an occasional pop of saturated color . Different shades of gray combined with dark blues or greens, rusty, copper, brown or red as accent .

Experienced Vancouver Bathroom Renovation Experts – VanCan Contracting

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