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RENO TIPS: How To Choose the Best Kitchen Backsplash

Here are just a few important questions to answer when starting a kitchen renovation in Vancouver.

What does your dream kitchen look like? 

Do you have a style or specific look in mind? 

When it is time to make a decision for your kitchen renovation, you want to make sure you select the one that reaches your expectations the most. As there’s plenty things to consider before you get close to your final decision.

Renovating your home is definitely a tough decision to make. The kitchen section doesn’t make it any easier. As people say ” the kitchen is the heart of the home”. We all believe this indeed is true.

There is a vast list for things to consider, just regarding your kitchen renovation, such as:

  • Flooring
  • Backsplash 
  • Counter tops 
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Appliances  
  • Lighting
  • Painting…etc.

Making a check list is probably the best idea.

This blog will be based in BACKSPLASH this will help you to have a better idea with this field. As there’s different backsplash varieties to consider.

A new and fresh backsplash for your kitchen will not only protect your walls from splashing liquids or damaging the walls so easily .

It also usually is an easy and affordable way to complement your kitchen design. You’ll find a vast variety of materials and colors, for your backslash making them a great opportunity for a homeowner to showcase their own style. All by Just by making little updates.

Even though it appears to be a lot of work involved installing a kitchen backsplash it only takes a couple of days from start to completion. Of course depending on the kitchen dimensions, backsplash style, the kind materials to be be handled, or how sophisticated your want the results to be. Something to keep in mind is the difficulty of the job therefore a bit mess and dust during this period of time is to be expected. But there’s  nothing to worry. As it will only be or a couple of days.

At Vancan Contracting and our professional tiling crew will keep your home in place and tidy at all costs.

Types of Kitchen Tiles for Backsplash 

Tile is The most popular kitchen backsplash for its typical cleanability, and plenty designs. Subway, mosaic, ceramic, glass, stone, porcelain, penny, are just some of the kinds of backsplash you will find. Tile backsplashes can be extremely affordable and the could be or high-end and sophisticated depending on the difference between material as some are easier to install.

Ceramic tile, glass tile & stone/marble tile are the most popular of them all.

Ceramic Tile, Glass Tile & Stone/Marble Tile

Ceramic tile comes in different standard dimensions and the material these are made of makes it easy to handle not to mention is affordable, lightweight, durable. They also come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from.

Glass tile, despite being slightly more expensive and trickier to install, it bring an innovating  and beautiful design element to your kitchen. These also  come in a variety of colors. Glass, like ceramic, is very easy to clean and maintain.

Stone/Marble tile it brings a really sophisticated and elegant look. Although can be pricey compared to other options. Marble tile is easy to clean and is a beautiful touch for your kitchen. Keep in mind marble are slightly harder to maintain you may need frequent sealing to keep it in great condition and can chip, crack, and stain very easily.

Stone Tile for Kitchen Backsplash. Another popular backsplash option is stone. Granite, quartz, marble – many homeowners choose to use the same stone material they used for their countertop in their backsplash. This can really transform the look of your kitchen design but can be pricey depending on the type of stone you use, as well as the amount. If you are looking for a truly high-end custom look, try using a stone slab all the way up the back wall of your kitchen. You can also ask for a stone backsplash to go only slightly higher than the countertop, leaving the rest of the wall bare. Finish the look with a tile backsplash of your choice or a beautiful wall paint color.

Wood. Use some natural reclaimed wood as a backsplash to add charm to your kitchen. With the appropriate sealing, wood can be a great addition to any kitchen, particularly a nautical or rustic kitchen design.

Contact us for further details and information to help you improve your knowledge regarding any of the products or material for a kitchen backsplash renovation. We’ll gladly assist you and do our best fulfil your needs.

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