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Room renovation tips for setting up a small and practical work space at home

The year 2020 strengthened and expanded a trend that is here to stay: working from home. So, many people started looking for creative and functional ways to set up a small work space to work in comfort at home.

This space can be set up in different rooms, such as a living room, bedroom or even some other small and less used space, like a corridor, hall or a corner under the stairs.

How to set up a work space?

To set up a small office, investing in a planned environment is an excellent idea, as this ensures that you will be able to optimize the space, making it more practical and functional. In general, the office is usually set up in rooms or bedrooms, taking advantage of the space in the room.

As there is a sharing of these areas, a good option is to use multifunctional furniture, such as reclining sofas, or corner furniture, which allows you to make better use of the space and can still be arranged as needed.

It is possible, for example, to use a bookcase with a built-in desk or a retractable table for the office desk. For an office in a guest room, a sofa bed is an excellent idea, as it brings even more versatility. If the idea is to set up an office in the bedroom, retractable furniture is very recommended, because it can be integrated into the decoration.

Also remember the importance of keeping everything organized, ensuring more functionality for your home office. In this sense, it is worth choosing furniture with drawers and niches.

Another crucial point is lighting, since it is essential to choose a place that receives good natural light and also offers reinforced artificial lighting. If possible, leave the main counter near the window, so that it will receive light easily. In the case of artificial light, prefer white light bulbs instead of yellow ones, as they help in concentration and precision.

Think about painting coatings for your room renovations

The floors, coverings and color of the walls must also be considered to create a practical and welcoming space, reconciling the choice with the decorative style of the room.

As the room is normally small, invest in lighter shades, which visually expand the space, in addition to improving lighting. If you prefer something with more color, shades of blue, pale pink or green can be good options as they bring tranquility and can help with concentration during work.

Finally, if you are thinking of renovating your home workspace and need help with renovation and painting in Vancouver, please contact VanCanContracting today for a free estimate of our services.

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