Simple Guide for Renovating a House in Vancouver, BC

What do you think when mentioning about renovating a house? Exciting? Tedious? Fun? Time-consuming? Planning for something new is always refreshing in a way, however, renovating a house isn’t a daily- life matter; good preparation is what links to a successful house renovation.

How setting up a schedule helps

Setting up a good schedule for your home renovation is the best way to outline every step which should be done throughout the whole process, right from the start, to make sure everything is settled nicely. Cost and the person in charge of every item should be included. Following is a simple schedule of works. Situation varies depending on the project, make sure you seek suggestions from professional house designer or renovation contractors.

Step 1: Planning

Before starting your renovation, there are several things you should do: check structural stability; learn about the grants/tax concessions; acquire statutory consents; meet a contractor to make plans to solidify your budget.

Step 2: Demolition

Destruct before construction: make sure you get rid of all the old crap, and deal with damp.

Step 3: Major building work

Work done “behind the walls or beneath the floors.” Electrical and plumbing should be done in this step, therefore bathroom and kitchen plans are set up at the same time.

Step 4: Framing, Drywall and Paint

Step 5: Fixed flooring

Step 6: Decorating

Install cabinets and other fixtures, doors and window surrounds. Carpets and any remaining laminate flooring.

Step 7: Trim and finish work (Cleaning included!)

Before you move in, make sure everything is done! Some door frames might be install in this step. Check all the work that’s been done.

Budget matters

You know you will need a contractor to do the house renovation for you, so you will have to write down the labor cost first. Discuss with your contractor about the labor fee and cost of materials, so that you can decide how much you could spend on new appliances, accessories and fixtures. An excel document may be useful for you to make a fine list. Remember an approximately 10-20% contingency budget should be added depend on how much work needs to be done. House renovation might be costly if it’s for your dream house! Make sure each penny worth!

Home Renovation Insurance

Making changes in your property may impact your insurance. You want to ensure the protection you should have by keeping the insurance company updated. As the article “What you need to know about homeowner’s insurance during renovations” on aha insurance website said, “make sure you have liability insurance in case one of your contractors suffers an injury on your property.” The article also suggests you should always notify your insurance broker about the following six items: “swimming pools and Trampolines; updating your roof, windows and doors; finishing your basement; remodeling your kitchen; decks and porches; adding a bathroom.”


Aha Insurance. What you need to know about homeowner’s insurance during renovations.


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